Taiwan evacuated more than 2,700 people from endangered areas as Typhoon Fung-Wong, which left at least 10 dead in the Philippines and caused Manila’s worst flooding in two years, approached packing wind gusts as strong as 65 knots (120 kilometers per hour).  Typhoon Fung Wong (Phoenix, in English) began in the waters near The Philippines, headed towards Taiwan on September 21, and is now affecting East China. For more information, click here.

Shanghai city, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces are expecting major rainstorms as Typhoon Fung-Wong is expected to make landfall on the eastern coast of the Chinese mainland between afternoon and evening hours on Monday, the National Meteorological Center forecast.

Shanghai air traffic is likely to be disrupted, as well as seaports at Ningbo and Shanghai.

Ningbo Port announced they will stop movement of containers effective 16:00 local time today (September 22), ad Shanghai terminals will likely close their terminals tomorrow September 23rd as the Typhoon moves north toward Shanghai.