UPDATE 7/26: Union Pacific is set to resume container rail transit services from Los Angeles to its depot at Chicago. According to sources, UP’s efforts to clear out substantial container backlogs at its Global IV terminal have been successful. Unfortunately, the pause is likely to create more delays for intermodal traffic at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Reports estimate that up to 40,000 containers were likely delayed as a result of UP’s action.

Union Pacific Railroad will stop its inbound international services between West Coast ports and the Joliet, IL intermodal hub for up to seven days.

Starting Monday July 19, UP will pause all inbound container traffic from the ports of Los Angeles, Tacoma, Long Beach, and Oakland. According to the railroad’s announcement, the intention is to afford time to clear a severe backlog of containers sitting idly at the inland hub. According to JOC.com, UP has thousands of containers at the facility awaiting departure.

The service suspension applies to all of Union Pacific’s maritime partners, effectively pausing all container transit from the named ports.

While the weeklong break may allow UP to clear its existing stack of containers at Chicago, reports state that it could likely strand up to 40,000 containers at West Coast ports for the duration of the pause.

Scarbrough is monitoring the situation and assessing its potential effects on clients’ inbound cargo. Contact your representative for further information or assistance.