Additional requirements have been established by the Bureau of Industry and Security on exports, reexports and in-country transfers of goods to foreign companies on the Unverified List.  The Unverified List is a list of parties where BIS has been unable to verify the end-user in prior transactions.  In the United States, exporters’ transactions are required to treat Unverified List parties as “red flags,” which entails them to do additional due diligence to proceed with the transaction.


On top of that, the Bureau of Industry and Security has the imposed regulatory changes/rules that are listed below:

  • Submit Electronic Export Information filings through the Automated Export System
  • Written statements would first have to be obtained by the exporter or reexporter before the transaction my proceed
  • Prevent the use of EAR license exceptions
  • Alter the criteria for adding persons to the Unverified List in the future

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The view the Unverified List, click here.