Scarbrough Warehousing is our business unit that operates all of our physical warehouse locations across the United States. Strategically located throughout the United States, Scarbrough’s warehouses serve the needs of importers, exporters, cargo owners, e-Commerce, 3PL demands, and more.

The best news for cargo owners is that Scarbrough’s warehouses nationwide have the capacity to bring on extra cargo and provide key services such as final mile delivery, air freight deconsolidation, LCL consolidation and more. Let’s look at our current list of facilities and their respective specialties.

It is our job to make your job easier.

Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada has risen to become a powerhouse distribution location just over the border from neighboring California. Reno is only a three hour drive for containers arriving at the port of Oakland and is home to not just millions of square feet of warehousing and distribution, but manufacturing behemoth’s such as Tesla’s Gigafactory..

The benefit of warehousing in Reno, Nevada is that even with the drayage of an import container from Oakland to Reno, the costs to devan, warehouse and provide fulfillment services to the western United States in only one to two days is considerably less expensive than performing the same functions in the Golden State.

Scarbrough’s Reno facility can handle e-commerce goods, retail distribution, pick & pack or kitting of items such as furniture. We also currently handle several food commodities, transferring goods from large bulk-packs into smaller, retail size packages for distribution. Our FDA registered facility will allow us to perform more of these functions for ambient-temperature products.

Chicago, Illinois

Adjacent to O’Hare International Airport in Bensenville, our Chicago location is 20,000 square feet of high turnover, international-focused cargo. From here we build and break down air consolidations just a short fifteen-minute drive from most of the major ground handling companies. We are also located very close to CP Rail’s Bensenville facility, receiving containers from the Canadian ports of Vancouver and Montreal. 

Chicago is the perfect location for a company seeking quick recovery from one of the many passenger and cargo operators landing at O’Hare which need to be broken down, palletized and shipped to individual recipients or to distribution centers for final mile fulfillment.

Laredo, Texas

Key to the cross-border operations, Laredo is positioned to receive, store and stage export cargo southbound to Mexico or northbound to the United States after changing hands from Mexican or American truckers.

The high-volume nature of Laredo fits well with our blend of proprietary and off the shelf technology that manages customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution for cargo clearing at the border or destined for in-bond movement to an inland port for clearance, Foreign Trade Zone delivery or export to another country.

In fact, we have seen Laredo become a new US distribution center location for products that originate in Mexico, but are destined for consumers in the US. Companies with DC’s in Western and Mountain states can utilize this first point of entry into the United States to fulfill orders like Southern California and the Inland Empire are offering throughout the United States.

Kansas City, Missouri

Our corporate headquarters, Kansas City is a bonded CFS like Chicago and Laredo and is capable of receiving inbound air and ocean consolidations, breaking them down, and distributing them throughout the Midwest, including through our scheduled service operating between Kansas City and Chicago on our nightly linehaul truck connecting Scarbrough Kansas City and Scarbrough Chicago overnight.

We’ve got the whole country covered.

Regardless of where your customers are located, Scarbrough’s network of strategically-placed warehouses reaches a majority of American consumers and businesses within a handful of days. In today’s new environment where COVID has driven increased visibility, brought forward the need for companies to be final mile to consumers, and required expedited handling to compensate for choke points caused by air and ocean service reductions and constrictions, look to Scarbrough to help make up those lost days while keeping costs manageable when the other portions are spiraling seemingly out of control.