United Airlines Reverts to All-Cargo Flights

American Shipper reports that United Airlines has again scheduled freight-only flights. The move comes as passenger demand has diminished following the rise of the delta variant of the coronavirus. United had previously this summer reverted its fleet of planes back to passenger duty.

Vessel Congestion Now Growing Outside Chinese Ports 

According to American Shipper, Chinese ports are experiencing vessel congestion similar to those seen at American ports. More than 150 vessels were spotted waiting for berth space outside Ningbo and Shanghai last Friday. American Shipper’s reporting states that the congestion comes from additional ships working the trans-pacific route to take advantage of high rates.

Chinese Factories Experience Delays as Government Cuts Power for Emissions Goals

The Chinese government has enacted rolling blackouts in multiple provinces to help meet planned emissions standards. The Loadstar reports that power cuts have caused delays many factories producing consumer goods bound for the U.S. The situation is likely to worsen delays for importers seeking inventory for the holiday season.

Time Running Out to Order Inventory for Holidays

A report from the Loadstar shows that importers are running short on time to secure shipment of goods from China to the U.S. before the holidays. According to the report, Freightos data shows that transit times for the China-U.S. route have ballooned to 71 days. This insight arrives as we are just weeks away from Thanksgiving.

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