COVID-19 Outbreak Shuts Down China’s Largest Inland Port  

The Chinese government’s zero-COVID policy has hit the nation’s largest inland port – the largest such port in the world. Situated on the Yangtze River, Nanjing is a major hub for freight movement in continental China. The local outbreak has shuttered most activity at the port, further affecting a strained logistics system in China.

All Japanese Ports Plan 24-Hour Closure for Labor Negotiations  

Japan’s ports will close for 24 hours this Sunday amid a dockworker strike. Splash247 reports that every port in the nation will close operations for the duration of the 24-hour strike.

BNSF, UP Wrangle with Rail Congestion  

Congestion on major western rail lines has grown considerably this month, and operators are taking action. Both Union Pacific and BNSF have announced plans to reduce the number of cars on their respective lines. The measures hope to improve movement and reduce traffic despite reducing overall capacity.

Slow Crossing Procedures Build Congestion at US-Mexico Border 

New safety inspection procedures are bogging down truck crossings between the United States and Mexico. Congestion has grown considerably at multiple crossings on the southern border. Truck drivers are waiting hours longer than normal on both sides. Mexican drivers are now protesting the inspection procedures. Reuters reports more.