Read the latest logistics news headlines to find out what’s happening around the industry. While the Biden administration broadens its attempts to clear congestion on the west coast, Chinese seafarers face obstacles with new pandemic restrictions and truckers sit at idle outside ports.

Ports of LA/LB Approve Emergency Container Dwell Fees 

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have approved a 90-plan to impose emergency surcharges against carriers for dwelling containers. Port operators and government officials hope carrier and shippers will move containers more quickly as a result. According to FreightWaves, the plan will assess $100 per container on the first day out of the free period. Fees will increase $100 per container each day after. The ports will begin assessing charges November 15.

Biden Administration to Provide Supply Chain Insight Dashboard 

The White House will attempt to provide some supply chain transparency with its new information dashboard. Scheduled for updates twice each month, the dashboard will provide the latest data on arriving imports, U.S. retail inventory, and more. FreightWaves reports that White House staff plan to update the dashboard through the end of 2021 at a minimum.

New Pandemic Measures Restrict Chinese Availability of Chinese Seafarers 

The Chinese government’s renewal of strict pandemic guidelines has created roadblocks for seafarers attempting to onboard and repatriate. Quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, and other obstacles are keeping mariners from moving to and from vessels efficiently. Splash 247 reports more.

Idle Running Time Grows for Trucks Near Los Angeles, Long Beach 

Bogged down by congestion at the nation’s busiest ports, trucks in southern California are spending more time at idle than ever before. According to a report from Transport Topics, idle time per truck is up 50 percent from the start of 2018 to the end of October 2021 and that 50 years of wasted idle time has occurred this year.

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