So-Cal Container Dwell Fee Postponed a Week 

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have yet again postponed the start of their new excess container dwell fee assessments. The latest update indicates that fees will begin Monday, November 29. However, if conditions at port terminals continue to improve, the ports may elect for another postponement.

Vaccination Will Be Required for Truckers Entering U.S. 

New federal rules will require that essential, non-U.S. national truck drivers be vaccinated against COVID-19 before crossing stateside. This protocol will begin January 22 according to Transport Topics. Others included in the rule include government officials, and emergency response workers.

LA/LB Roll Out New Queue Plan for Waiting Vessels 

The number of vessels waiting directly outside the port complex of Los Angeles and Long Beach has diminished as more vessels adhere to new queue rules. The new protocols ask that vessels sit in a holding pattern further out at sea – beyond the horizon. Despite fewer vessels being visible from the ports, there are still north of 90 at sea waiting in the queue.

Partial Rail Service Restored at Port of Vancouver 

After floods and landslides cut off rail service to the Port of Vancouver last week, railroads are slowly returning to operations. Both Canadian Pacific and CN have plans to resume limited services throughout the week.

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