Western Wildfires Hold Up Trains 

Union Pacific and BNSF have each stopped trains in response to wildfires in northern California. The region’s historic drought conditions have already sparked dozens of fires throughout the west. Railroads expect more delays as they combat the fires. Western rail transit times are likely to be longer throughout the rest of fire season.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Sees Movement in Senate 

The senate has voted to move forward with a bipartisan infrastructure deal. The proposed $1 trillion deal includes funding for work on bridges, roads, and much more transportation infrastructure. The vote itself opened the bill to formal debate, clearing a significant hurdle to becoming law. Lawmakers will work to finalize the text in the coming days and weeks.

Port Houston Contends with Terminal Outage

The Port of Houston has experienced a software outage preventing drayage truck traffic from entering the port for two days. A severe technology failure began Tuesday morning and restricted drayage activity at the port’s Bayport and Barbours Cut terminals. Container movement out of the terminals has ground to a halt as port operators attempt a slow recovery of systems. Port authorities had hoped to resume service Tuesday morning but the recovery process is till continuing.

Suez-Canal Blocking Vessel Finally Makes it to Port Rotterdam 

Four months after its intended arrival, the container ship Ever Given reached the Port of Rotterdam. The Ever Given and its 20,000-TEU load became infamous for getting stuck in the crucial Suez Canal passage and blocking vessel traffic for six days. The disruption caused cascading delays and chaos throughout the maritime shipping industry.

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