So-Cal Container Dwell Fees Again Delayed

Container dwell fees at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are yet again delayed. The new start date is Monday, January 17. The news comes after months of postponements due to reported improvements in container dwell times. At the same time, the Port of Los Angeles is pushing for a new empty container fee for long-dwelling outbound boxes.

Shanghai Congestions Worsens as Ships Avoid Lockdowns

Vessels are flocking to Shanghai as Ningbo experiences slowdowns due to COVID-19 restrictions on port truckers. Transport Topics reports that the world’s busiest port has seen outbound sailings delayed by up to a week due to the influx of diverted vessels.

Canada to Require Vaccine Proof at Truck Border Crossings Jan 15 Forward

Starting Saturday Canada will require proof of vaccination for truckers crossing the border northward. Drivers must show proof of full vaccination at least 14 days after the final dose. Commercial Carrier Journal reports that similar measures are expected by the United States later this month.

Winter Weather Threat to Truck Traffic Through Central US This Weekend

A winter storm system is developing that could create hazardous road conditions throughout the plains and Midwest this weekend. FreightWaves reports that the storm could stretch from North Dakota to northern Missouri and could move into eastern states. As much as 5-10 inches of snow are expected in areas.

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