Shanghai Returns to Partial Lockdown

Just after reopening from a months-long lockdown, portions of Shanghai will shut down again in response to a few detected COVID-19 cases. It is not yet known how long these measures will be in place. Splash 247 reports more.

Import Demand Declining

Data collected by FreightWaves shows that demand for imports is dropping despite retailers stocking up on inventory. Based on these consumer trends, the report predicts a volume drop-off by midsummer.

Government, Importers Push for Labor Negotiation Agreement

Importers are pushing for a resolution to labor talks between port workers and port employers on the west coast. If a deal is not reached by July 1, a work stoppage could ensue. It has been reported that President Joe Biden plans to visit the Port of Los Angeles to pressure a resolution to talks.

Missouri Orgs Advocate for I-70 Improvements

Supply chain advocacy groups in Missouri are coordinating to push for Interstate 70. Transport Topics reports that Kansas City Smart Port and St. Louis Regional Freightway are supporting significant projects on the I-70 freight corridor through Missouri.

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