Shanghai Lockdown Lifted, Container Surge Awaits 

Shanghai may finally come out of its weeks-long lockdown soon – but a return to normal for China’s largest city and adjoining port may cause more congestion and headaches at America’s west coast. The Chinese government officially lifted the bulk of its COVID-19 lockdown at Shanghai earlier this week. Approximately 25 million residents are now able to move about the city for the first time in two months.

Ports of Northern Europe Mired in Congestion

As the shipping industry awaits a flood of containers from the freshly unlocked Shanghai, northern Europe’s ports are bogged down and reaching maximum capacity. The Loadstar reports that multiple ports in the region are full or overflowing with containers. Hamburg, Antwerp, and Rotterdam are all facing congestion issues.

CSX Acquires Pan Am Railways 

CSX has acquired Pan Am Railways – a New England carrier with short lines in the northeast. FreightWaves reports that the Surface Transportation Board approved the acquisition six weeks ago.

Feds Grant $368 Million for Railroad Infrastructure

A range of railroad projects will receive funds from a $368-million federal infrastructure grant. FreightWaves reports that the Federal Railroad Administration announced 46 projects for funding. Projects range from high-speed passenger rail to short-line freight.

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