Shanghai Lockdown Crimps Supply Chain

Supply chains begin to struggle as Shanghai’s shutdown causes ripple effects. Ocean carrier schedules, airfreight routes, and drayage services have all been impacted. Industry experts still fear whiplash effects that could hit U.S. ports. The Loadstar reports more.

Airfreight Rerouted Away from Shanghai Amid COVID Shutdown

Air cargo flights have been redirected away from Shanghai as the city’s airports grind to a near-halt. Although the facilities are open, FreightWaves reports that there is little activity. Shippers are struggling to find alternative options.

Evergreen Declares General Average Vessel Stuck in Chesapeake

After failed attempts to free the Ever Forward containership from its mire in Chesapeake Bay, Evergreen has declared general average. Evergreen has cited the growing costs and time needed to dislodge its vessel as its justification for general average. Splash247 reports more.

DOT Allocates $2.9 Billion in Funding for Infrastructure

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced $2.9 billion in funding for infrastructure projects. Funding applications will be accepted through May 23. Splash 247 reports more.