Widespread Lockdowns in China Threaten Supply Chain Stability

A fresh batch of pandemic lockdowns has hit several Chinese cities, limiting productivity at factories and ports. Shanghai is the latest location to see robust shutdowns. Meanwhile, stateside ports fear a whiplash effect in the coming weeks that would spike import volumes and further strain operations.

U.S. Settles Trade Dispute Over UK Steel and Aluminum  

The U.S. and UK have reached an agreement that settles a trade dispute dating back to the Trump administration. The new agreement cuts tariffs on UK steel and aluminum as well as outbound American products like bourbon and motorcycles.

U.S. Brings Back 352 Product Exclusions for Section 301 China Tariffs  

The United States has brought back 352 tariff exclusions that expired in 2021. According to reports from Reuters, the reinstatement will be effective retroactively from October 12, 2021, and on to December 31, 2022.

Canadian Pacific Resumes Paused Services After Labor Talks 

Canadian Pacific has resumed services following a brief pause in response to labor disputes. The rail carrier shut down operations for two days while negotiations took place with union members. A quick return to normal operations avoids more severe disruptions at Canadian ports and headaches for U.S. agriculture.

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