Supply chains continue to experience pains as long-term pandemic effects and short-term weather events collide.

Florida Ports Restricted as Hurricane Elsa Approaches

Tropical Storm Elsa has made landfall in Florida. According to FreightWaves, several regional ports all but completely closed ahead of the storm’s arrival. The ports of Tampa, Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, and Manatee each announced restricted access Tuesday. Restrictions are not as tight on the east coast of Florida, though high winds and severe weather may appear as Elsa rolls across the peninsula.

Port of Yantian Ramping Up After COVID-19 Shutdown

Operations have recovered at the Port of Yantian after a partial closure last month. Authorities originally shut down much of the port in response to a regional coronavirus outbreak. American Shipper reports that Yantian has bounced back to 85 percent of its normal operational capacity since reopening two weeks ago. The ramp up has alleviated congestion at the port considerably following initial disruption on par with the Suez Canal blockage. However, American Shipper states that dwell times remain high, and shippers could see continued impacts heading into the pre-holiday peak season.

Ever Given Released from Egyptian Custody 

The Ever Given container ship which blocked the Suez Canal in March will set sail again after a months-long stint in Egyptian custody. An undisclosed settlement between the ship’s owner and the Suez Canal Authority cleared the way for departure. Now, according to reports, Ever Given will make its way to the Port of Rotterdam still laden with hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of cargo.

Inland Logistics Facing Challenges 

A ream of challenges has cropped up for North American inland freight transit.

  • Wildfires in the Canadian west have cut off multiple rail lines and prevented hundreds of cars from reaching their port destinations. The Port of Vancouver is seeing delays as a result.
  • reports that truck congestion at the US-Mexico border is worsening.
  • Rail hubs like Chicago are experiencing intense congestion as the west coast’s deluge of freight makes its way inland.

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