A checklist to completing a compliant invoice, which could help your customs entries clear customs more quickly.

U.S. Customs Regulations 19 CFR 141.86 outlines the requirements for all import commercial invoices.  Please make sure your vendors are also including all of the following elements.


Customs Invoice must be in English
Place where and Time when the merchandise was sold.
Invoice Number:
A distinct number to track the transaction taking place.
Port of Entry
Where goods will customs clear
The full legal name and address of the Seller.
The full legal name and address of the Importer/Buyer.
A detailed description of the merchandise including the name by which each item is known. If classification or appraisement of merchandise depends on the component materials, the invoice shall set forth a breakdown giving the value, weight, or other necessary measurement of each component material in sufficient detail to determine the correct duties.
Number of items in the weights or measures of the country of export or import.
Purchase Price of each item in the currency of the purchase
Kind of Currency (i.e. USD, EUR, HKD, TWD).
Country of Origin
Country of Manufacturer
Additional Charges
All additional charges (i.e. Freight, Insurance, Packing)
Detail in discounts from the base price which will allow for a fixed discounted purchase price. (i.e. quantity discounts or early payment discounts)
Statutory Additions
Commissions, Royalties, Packing, Proceeds, Assists  (i.e. dies, molds, tools, engineering work not included in the actual invoice unit price)
Page Numbers:
Each page of the invoice is required to be numbered
Name and signature of a responsible employee of the exporter, who has knowledge, or who can readily obtain knowledge, of the transaction.

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