Looking for a warehousing location with broad reach and useful infrastructure? Consider a Kansas City warehouse.

Fulfilling e-commerce orders and distributing products can challenge any business. Proximity to partners and clients, access to transportation infrastructure, and availability of well-rounded services are all crucial to success. It all comes down to the location of your warehousing provider.

If you’re on the hunt for a convenient, practical, efficient warehousing location for your fulfillment and distribution activities, Kansas City may be a perfect fit. The Paris of the Plains offers more than fountains and barbecue. It’s a robust logistics hub with the proper positioning and infrastructure to support your distribution needs.

Centralized Location  

Kansas City sits near the geographic center of the contiguous United States, nearly equidistant from each coast. Centrality alone offers an advantage for fulfillment and distribution that you won’t find in coastal facilities. It provides the opportunity to access a broad swathe of regions and customers with ease. In fact, Kansas City-based operations can provide two-day shipping to 85 percent of the U.S.

Intersecting Interstates  

Enhancing this accessibility is a network of interstate highways that meet in Kansas City. From the north/south traffic of I-35 and I-29 to the east/west corridor of I-70, distribution and fulfillment centers in the area can easily send and receive freight to or from any direction. These overlapping corridors have helped build Kansas City into the #3 trucking center in the United States. It’s a great starting point for maximizing the potential of the U.S. interstate system.

Multiple Railroad Operations 

Kansas City hosts a long list of railroads, connecting the metro to regions throughout the rest of the country. Several Class 1 rail carriers including BNSF, Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern have operations in the area. In fact, Kansas City is the largest rail center in the U.S. by tonnage. This robust rail presence offers ideal positioning for warehouse operations that need to use intermodal transit.

Economic Foundation and Growth 

The Kansas City metro area has ridden a wave of economic growth over the last decade. The region now boasts a population of 2.14 million and a total manufacturing and logistics workforce of more than 150,000. Kansas City also leads the nation in industrial transaction growth, while e-commerce firms in the area start their operations more quickly than in other cities. To top it off, the city has grown by 45 million square feet of warehouse space since 2012.

Quality Warehousing Services  

Alongside location and infrastructure, Kansas City is home to a dedicated workforce of warehouse operators. Scarbrough Warehousing proudly offers Class A warehouse space and a range of order fulfillment, distribution, storage, and warehouse compliance services. We supply a comprehensive warehousing solution that takes advantage of Kansas City’s unique location and resources. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of warehousing in Kansas City.