Why do exports matter?

Did you know? 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States and with 85 percent of world economic growth occurring outside of the United States from 2013 and projected into 2018, exporting provides a large opportunity for business to grow, become more competitive, diversify their portfolios and weather changes in the U.S. domestic economy.

How can my company boost our current exports or become a first time exporter?

A joint project of Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase called the Global Cities Initiative: The Exchange  helps companies of all sizes to increase their sales through outside markets.


Why do exports matter?

What is the Global Cities Exchange?

The Global Cities Exchange is a network of metro areas that will develop and implement regional strategies to boost global trade and investment, forge partnerships between U.S. and international metropolitan areas, and advocate for state and national policy changes. The Exchange enables leaders to act on the ideas and collaborations generated by GCI’s research and forums, resulting in more globally-oriented metropolitan areas and an evolution in economic development policy and practice.

At the core of the Exchange are over 30 U.S. metropolitan areas engaged in a two-phase planning process aimed at creating integrated export and foreign direct investment (FDI) plans.

How can I Learn more?

Watch a recording webinar on the Global Cities Initiative with special guests,

Marek Gootman of the Brookings Institution,
Ivry Karamitros of World Trade Center of Kansas City, and
Ryan Carroll of the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

In one hour or less, submit anonymous questions and learn from the experts.

► What are the benefits?
► How can GCI help me with my current exports?
► How can GCI help me become an exporter?
► In what cities does the GCI Export Plan exist ?
► What tools are available?
► How many companies have you helped?
► How will GCI help write my new sales or export plan?

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Is my city part of The Exchange?

Why do exports matter?

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Check out the release of new Brookings research Redefining Global Cities: The Seven Types of Global Metro Economies, which introduces a new typology of what constitutes global cities today, demonstrating how global cities vary in how they attract and amass economic drivers and contribute differently to global economic growth.  Also check out The Making of Global Cities: Stories from the Global Cities Exchange, a ‘compendium’ of stories and examples from metropolitan areas advancing global trade and investment strategies through the Global Cities Exchange.