Looking for transloading services near Los Angeles? Hiring a 3PL may be your best bet.

Transloading options are growing scarce in Southern California – America’s gateway for the bulk of its import freight. Importers are struggling to find transload facilities near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as as a result of historic throughput and a growing vessel backlog.

With available transloading facilities becoming harder to find, many importers are hiring 3PLs to track down service options.

Transloading Advantages 

At its core, transload services all about flexibility.

Other shipping methods may offer simplicity but sacrifice control and versatility. Choosing intermodal, for example, means keeping your shipment in an unchanged state until it reaches its final warehouse. Consequently, there’s no opportunity to open the container to reorganize, repackage, or sum up inventory.

Transloading offers a higher degree of control over the contents and activities of each inbound container. Once your container reaches the transload facility, there are numerous options for continuing the transit process.

  • Palletize shipment for easier sorting and storage upon warehouse arrival.
  • Move shipment out of ocean container onto box truck, and other transportation modes.
  • Consolidate shipments into larger trailers for cost savings.
  • Split up shipments for transit to different destinations.

Work with Scarbrough Transportation to Manage Transload Services

Scarbrough Transportation is one of the few 3PLs with access to transloading services in the southern California region. Our expertise, contacts, and resources can help you find transloading options in even the most trying circumstances. Our team knows who to call and where to go to make sure your domestic cargo needs are met. Contact Scarbrough Transportation today to find transloading options near the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other ports across the country.