Workers at the Port of Montreal have called another full strike nine months after a summer 2020 strike that severely impeded supply chains. The latest strike notice threatens to again shutdown container flow through the Quebec port.

The strike action comes after a year of disputes and disagreement between port workers and the Maritime Employers Association (MEA). After the MEA announced that it would suspend minimum pay as well as overtime and weekend hours, the Canadian Union of Public Employees sent a strike notice. The group had already initiated a partial strike and chose to initiate the full strike today, Monday, April 26.

Unlike the previous occasion, however, the Canadian federal government is stepping in to help stem the current strike. Officials have announced intentions to enact back-to-work legislation that would compel port workers back to their posts. The action is telling of the government’s concern over the potential for major port delays.

With government action on the docket, reports are indicating that the strike will likely not be a long one. But if governmental recourse fails, a long-lasting strike at the Port of Montreal could throw another wrench into an already burgeoning world supply chain landscape.

Scarbrough International will continue to the monitor the situation.