Kansas City Launches First Ever Export Plan


Scarbrough has been extremely proud to have been part of such an amazing initiative – an initiative that has helped to create the first time ever in history export plan for Kansas aimed at boosting the regional economy by helping locCaptureal businesses go global. The goal is to add 100 new exporters in five years.  The slogan is #GoGlobalKC.

Working with JP Morgan and Chase and the Brookings Institute, Scarbrough & other local companies had the privilege to sit on the Global Cities Initiative Steering Committee, overseen by The World Trade Center of Kansas City and co-chaired by Chris Gutierrez of KC SmartPort and Paul Weida of Black & Veatch, which undertook extensive research, focus groups, and data analysis in order to create the export plan itself.  Kansas City is one of 28 “global cities,” and now part of a network aimed at fostering exports and building markets across the globe.


The Export Plan strengthens competitiveness in the Kansas City region with better paying jobs. 


Rob Roberts with the Kansas City Business Journal states, the Export Plan

“includes four strategies for boosting the number of regional exporters, including the establishment of the Export Concierge program, which according to the plan will provide personal, one-to-one guidance to current and prospective exporters, helping them navigate — from entry to export — the complex process of entry into foreign markets.”

The region includes almost 500 small and midsize companies “ripe for expansion,” the export plan states, and “with minimal education and assistance, these companies could become part of the region’s global economy.”

According to Brookings, the Kansas City region’s 64,590 export-supported jobs in 2014 ranked 36th among U.S. metro areas. The region’s export share of gross domestic product, 9.6 percent, ranked 55th.


View Export Plan

“With the knowledge that some 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S., and (that) more than 80 percent of global gross domestic product growth is expected to occur outside the U.S., the Kansas City Metro Export Plan seeks to position the region to take advantage of these vital global growth opportunities,” Paul Weida and Chris Gutierrez said in a written statement introducing the plan.

<< Click the image to view the KC Metro Export Plan

Read the GCI Export Plan’s goal, objectives, strategies and tactics on how Kansas City will tackle adding 100 new exporters and increase Kansas City’s export numbers in the next five years. The guide also lists all implementation partners in the region that serve as a guide and partner to potential and current exporters.

It’s also good to note this export plan couldn’t come at a better time as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement that has been in the making for seven years, introduces the idea to knock down foreign barriers to make it easier for American-made products to be exported out of the U.S.A.

Kansas City Export Plan Market Assessment:

  • Kansas City is advantageously located for a robust transportation infrastructure in the center of the U.S.
  • The majority of businesses in the region do not already export.
  • Most exports in the region are done so reactively to respond to a potential customer’s inquiry.
  • Businesses in the region are unaware of export services provided here.
  • Small and medium sized businesses are ripe for export expansion with much offered guidance in the region.
  • Economic development agencies are great partners.
  • Exports are continuing to grow.

Federal, State, and Local Programs to Assist in Support:

  • Adoptions of Free Trade Agreements, such as TPP and T-TIP.
  • Infrastructure Improvements.
  • KC SmartPort and Trade Data Exchange.
  • Federal, State, and Local government support for export services such as grants.
  • Immigration reform to attract and retain talent.
  • Modernization of export controls to enhance security and competitiveness.

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