Scarbrough International is proud to bring you CLARITY. Use our all-new technology to plan, track, and streamline your supply chain.

Transparency and visibility are the backbone of international logistics, allowing for supply chain agility, confident decision-making, and enhanced efficiency.

CLARITY acts as Scarbrough’s one-stop shop for logistics visibility. It’s your supply chain’s digital command center. We are proud to offer this insightful and intuitive technology to our international shipping partners.

Take Control with an Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard view merges all your most important supply chain details into one page. CLARITY’s home console offers quick access to the most essential information about your freight. From current locations and estimated transit times to shipment details and invoices, you’ll be able to quickly browse and investigate crucial information in real time.

Check on Shipments with Real-Time Tracking

Keeping track of shipments worldwide can be a challenge for anyone. CLARITY solves that problem with its built-in, interactive map. This tool shows at which ports your shipments are residing along with other helpful information all with custom filters to select unique views. See which shipments have begun customs processing, view freight at origin ports, or monitor cargo in transit. You can do it all with help from this dynamic tool.

Simplify Documentation 

Shipping freight typically triggers a barrage of paperwork. Staying on top of a documentation deluge is often among the top challenges of international shipping. Fortunately, CLARITY offers the opportunity to consolidate documentation transfers into a single workspace.

CLARITY cleans up paperwork with easy uploads and transfers between team members. This streamlined documentation offers optimal visibility and seamless accessibility. Cut down on email traffic, minimize hard copy transfers, and maximize operational efficiencies with this convenient resource.

Supply Chain Data Insights in One Location

CLARITY draws from a wealth of logistics data to supply real-time analytics. From growth rates to modal trends, users can easily keep tabs on freight movement data. The result? Team members can easily read patterns, predict outcomes, and make confident decisions.

We understand that each business has unique logistics data needs. The CLARITY analytics dashboard accommodates those differences with filtering and sorting options.

Stay Informed with Customized Email Updates 

If all you need is the essentials, CLARITY offers the option to set up custom email updates. These automatic notifications bring the most valuable information to your inbox for regular updates on shipment statuses, documentation, and more. Users can tailor their email updates to serve their specific needs.

Contact Scarbrough International to Get CLARITY 

CLARITY is the next step in logistics data technology here at Scarbrough International. This new resource is set to help our international supply chain partners find new opportunities for efficiency.

Ready to level-up your supply chain visibility? Reach out to Scarbrough International today for more information. We are happy to schedule a demonstration to show CLARITY’s resources and insights in full. Expect More from your supply chain data.

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